084 – How A Psychologist Became a Sensory Scientist Woodford Reserve with Elizabeth McCall, Master Taster

Elizabeth McCall, Sensory Scientist and Master Taster, Brown-Forman, joins the show to share what happens behind the white curtain and how people with a psychologist degree are recruited into bourbon.

Show Notes:

  • Talk about your past, growing up and your education
  • What got you into brown spirits
  • Did you have family influences or connections to the spirits industry?
  • So I have to be honest, we have done the rounds with Master Distillers and they always give credit to people like you, but lets get an idea of your day to day responsibilities
  • What else happens in the lab? we need to give our listeners an idea of what’s happening behind the curtain so-to-speak
  • So why psychologists for being sensory scientists? go deeper there
  • What’s the most important sense when it comes to making a product consistent?
  • What does catching a cold have on the influence of the bourbon your doing that day? or do you have an addiction to Afrin nasal decongestant?
  • What sort of training goes into becoming a master taster?
  • From Matt Fisher on Facebook: Super nerdy and specific. With most bourbon drinkers using Glencairn glasses at home, why does the distillery use Copita Nosing glasses vs the Glencairn? Looking for an expert opinion of why they use the Copita.
  • I watched part of your presentation of change and you gave a good explanation of why people mix their bourbon with coke, explain that
  • Talk about your other passion of horses

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