082 – Ending Old Scout Picks, More Age Statement Losses, and The Most Obtainable Barrel Proof on Bourbon Community Roundtable #5

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #5 dicusses the theories behind Old Scout, 2017 Predictions and Easily Obtainable Barrel Proof Choices.

Show Notes:

  • Joined by Blake of bourbonr.com, Jordan of breakingbourbon.com, and Kerry of subourbia.com
  • So Smooth Ambler has discontinued their barrel program, which means no more private picks of SAOS. Thoughts?
  • 2017 Predictions. What’s going to happen?
  • Are there any companies that will be bought up in 2017?
  • Are we going to see more bottles lose age statements?
  • Is there a consensus favorite among the more easily “obtainable” high proof? Stagg Jr, ECBP, EH Taylor BP

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