079 – Old Scout Single Barrel Crazy with John Little, VP and Head Distiller at Smooth Ambler

John Little, VP and Head Distiller at Smooth Ambler, talks about the how the whole operation started from a note his father-in-law gave him from Time magazine. John dives into the roots of his current distillation and the single barrels seen on the market.

Show Notes:

  • Talk a little about your past and how you got into Whiskey
  • What made you want to start a bourbon company a long time ago outside of KY?
  • Talk about Smooth Ambler for a bit and what you offer
  • Talk about the name behind it as well. Smooth Ambler, Contradiction, Old Scout, etc;
  • So how did you learn about the distilling process since you didn’t have a background in it?
  • You all don’t hide the fact that a lot of what’s on the market today is sourced from MGP. But there was a question that was brought up by Ryan Lintz that asked “Why Does SA MGP sourced bourbon taste so much better than others? Is it because it’s bottled at Cask Strength? Or is it a mental hype train thing?”
  • The Old Scout store picks have had wild success. It seems like people can’t get enough of them
  • Are we ever going to see Very Old Old Scout again?
  • The biggest news as of late was Pernod Ricard has taken a majority stake in your company. First off, congratulations. I hope we’re going to see a new ferrari in your driveway soon, but what does this mean for your business.

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