071 – The Intricacies of Reviewing Whiskey with Chris Trevino of Liquor Hound

Chris Trevino, the YouTube sensation known as Liquor Hound, talks about the intricacies of reviewing whiskey ranging from the type of glass to even the water used to dilute it.

Show Notes:

  • How did you get started with whiskey
  • Talk about what you do.
  • How many videos do you have and how many whiskies have you reviewed?
  • Lets talk about your process of tasting because a simple tasting with you on your youtube videos takes a solid 10 to 15 minutes – Liquor Hound
  • Back on episode 30 we talked with Rowbert and Tom from Aroma Academy Sensory training. i want you to talk about your aroma training and how do you pull out all these scents?
  • When you review bourbons, do you get tired of always saying, it smells like caramel and vanilla.
  • Talk about the glasses you use to taste.
  • After you take a sip you almost roll your tongue. are you trying to get more tastes out of it?
  • You also will add water at times. Talk about the water you use and the amount of drops you put into a whiskey
  • You talk about wood and oak, but explain to our listeners what is a tannin?
  • What i’ve noticed is that you aren’t rating the whiskey. why not?
  • Since you have a good palette, do you do your own barrel picks for stores?
  • Do you prefer scotch or bourbon or just any whiskey?
  • Any reviews coming up we can look forward to
  • View all his videos at Liquor Hound

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