065 – Social Media Influencing, Random Trades, and Best Releases of 2016 So Far on Bourbon Community Roundtable #1

Bourbon Community Roundtable #1: Our guests include Blake from Bourbonr.com, Nick from BreakingBourbon.com and Kerry from Subourbia.com.

Show Notes:

  • Recorded on YouTube LIVE! We will pose questions to the audience to see what YOU think. If you have questions, ask them on the right hand side and we will tackle as many as we can. Ask anything you want!
  • Social Media and Bourbon. How to target the right consumer.
  • The most random trades of all time. Who would have thought we would see people trade bourbon for Pokemon cards
  • BTAC. Because why not?
  • A bit of talk about the new Parkers
  • Best 2016 release so far?
  • The origins of bourbonr.com and not being “Bour-boner”

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