036 – Bourbon Has Badges with Bernie Lubbers, Brand Ambassador for Heaven Hill – Part 1

(Part 1) Bernie Lubbers (@BernieLubbers), The Whiskey Professor and Brand Ambassador for Heaven Hill, talks about his past, catchphrase, and overview of bourbon badges in Part 1.

Show Notes

  • Talk to us about how you first got into whiskey.
  • You signature catchphrase or tagline is “Stay Bonded”. Tell the folks what you mean by that.
  • http://www.whiskeyprof.com
  • Bernie talks about the history of Bottled-in-bond
  • Bernie talks about words on labels and how those are badges
  • You do a lot of bourbon-related research. Is there something you’ve found that has fascinated you?
  • Bernie talks about flavor profiles and how they are attained through distillation, aging, and yeast. How each distillery does something different.
  • What’s the day in the life of Bernie for being a Brand Ambassador?
  • Give us a 101 level rundown of why a bar needs three different labels of the same stuff.
  • Stay Tuned for the next episode where we talk about the removal of the Elijah Craig age statement, dive into the individual brands, and also a solo guitar performance.

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