135 – Barrel Pick Strategies and Theories, Crown Royal Bourbon Mash, and Ridiculous Blanton’s Chasing with Bourbon Community Roundtable #17

Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to picking barrels and we talk about each of ours. We also touch on the topic of a “group pick” versus a “store pick” when something is selected by the Master Distiller. Crown Royal Bourbon Mash has violated the TTB, but does the TTB even care? Why are consumers still regulating this? And we talk about bourbon FOMO and the ridiculous amount of people around the country that have Blanton’s scarcity, where did it all go? But more importantly, who cares?

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  • We picked our first barrel together. Let’s talk about the process a bit more.
  • Everyone has a different strategy
  • Blake can you give your tasting notes on it
  • Video will be posted on perfectpourtv.com in the future
  • Everyone passed on barrel #6 but someone will eventually take that barrel. Or do you think that goes to stores who don’t select and ask the Master Distiller to pick on for them?
  • Wade Woodard who has started his new blog at tater-talk.com had an article called Diageo done screwed up. He talked about the Crown Royal Bourbon Mashbill release we discussed in the roundtable. Wade is a consumer advocate and whiskey law sleuth and discovered they are in violation. Can you take any guesses to what this product will be called after the 1 year period is over?
  • Why are consumers still the ones doing all the legal hurdles? Does the TTB not care? Does it really matter at the end of the day since it’s not a real crime?
  • OKI announced the end of their line with a bunch of 12 year barrels being dumped soon but people are cleaning out shelves. In addition, the standard Old Scout is being cleared too. Not even store picks. Is there a panic mode being set in right now?
  • People are continually complaining about finding Blanton’s. Is it just me or does regular Blanton’s not do it for you all anymore?
  • Is Buffalo Trace manufacturing demand?


Thanks to Blake from bourbonr.com, Nick and Jordan from BreakingBourbon.com, and Brian Harra from Sippncorn.blogspot.com

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