055 – Josh Hollifield, Visitor Center Manager for Barton 1792

Josh Hollifield, Visitor Center Manager for Barton 1792, gives a history of the grounds and an insider look to the resurgence of the 1792 brand.

  1. Shoutout to Adam Johnson of the KY Bourbon Affair
  2. What all does your job entail?
  3. What’s your coming to age tale of bourbon?
  4. Most people may or may not know, but Sazerac is your parent company who also owns Buffalo Trace. Talk a bit about that background
  5. Can you give us some history of the distillery?
  6. Talk about the different brands coming out of Barton
  7. Talk about Ridgemont
  8. Lets talk about the new 1792 expressions
  9. We know our friend of the show Owen Powell picked a barrel of 1792 and asked it to be Full Proof. Are barrel proof offerings of 1792 something that you all are considering for a majority of these soon?
  10. Can you talk a little bit about your mash bills?
  11. What other spirits do you age here?
  12. What’s the one thing people are always surprised about when leaving or taking tour
  13. The barrel char in the gift shop
  14. What’s next for Barton?

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