020 – Brian Haara, Author of Sipp’n Corn blog

Brian Haara (@SippnCorn), Attorney and blogger at Sipp’n Corn, joins the podcast to talk about the history of the bourbon industry through the lens of lawsuits. Listen to find out how Colonel Taylor loved getting himself into trouble as well as the real story behind Ezra Brooks.

  1. Do you have a favorite office bourbon?
  2. What’s your bourbon story?
  3. How did you get into bourbon?
  4. The one thing I love how blog is such an interesting angle into the past. You stumbled upon this, now are you going through archives in Lexis Nexis to search for keywords like “EH Taylor”.
  5. Do you think more people are looking to become educated consumers?
  6. You have an article on your blog on how to read the Four Roses single barrel label
  7. Talk about Copycat Whiskey with Jack Daniels and Ezra Brooks
  8. Who is the most notorious for being in legal trouble with bourbon?
  9. Talk a bit about Taylor and the bottle-in-bond act
  10. What about the lawsuits between George Stagg and Taylor? What did that mean about the brands and the distilleries?
  11. Is there more legal trouble about Taylor’s Signature?
  12. You’ve got another article called Kentucky Isn’t Big Enough for Two Colonel Taylors. Talk about that.
  13. Did you see a lot of cases based off copyright or brand infringements?
  14. Churchill Downs Distilling vs Churchill Downs Inc.
  15. Were there any cases involving Stitzel-Weller?
  16. Are there any recent laws or cases that are interesting?
  17. Give me your favorite bourbons you have reviewed recently

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