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006 – The Idea of Port Finished Bourbon at Angel’s Envy with Wes Henderson, Chief Innovation Officer

Wes Henderson, Chief Innovation Officer of Angel’s Envy, joins us to talk about the start of this brand, his father’s heritage, and more

Show Notes:

  • What was life like growing up around bourbon with your father’s reputation?
  • Talk about the origins of the brand and the design
  • Where did the idea for port barrel finishes stem from?
  • Talk about the cask strength
  • More stores are starting to offer ‘blended’ picks
  • What’s going on with the new distillery?

002 – Getting to know the Master Distiller for Buffalo Trace, Harlen Wheatley

Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace, joins us we discuss multiple facets of his history and life at the famed Buffalo Trace Distillery

Show Notes:

  • Do you remember life before bourbon? What led you here?
  • Wheatley Vodka, the spirit named after Harlen.
  • Sampling, tasting, and characteristics of the brands
  • Don’t you get tired of tasting bourbon all day?
  • History and future of the Single Oak Project
  • Warehouse X… what’s the big deal?
  • What’s more important? The mash bill or the aging process
  • Forecasting demand for Pappy and other BT products
  • What’s the best part about your job?