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131 – Banning Crotchshots, Vintage Spirits Law, and Favorite Wheated Bourbons on Bourbon Community Roundtable #16

The community did a pretty quick 180 in regards to treating people more fairly in facebook groups. We discuss how banning unopened bottles has settled the drama and also evaluate the definition of the new vintage spirits law that has passed in Kentucky. Taking a speculative look at the success and if it has the potential to go mainstream across the country. Lastly, we wrap it up talking about our favorite wheated bourbons of all time.

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Show Notes

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126 – Bitcoin, Community, and Bourbon of the Year with Bourbon Community Roundtable #15

In this final Bourbon Community Roundtable of 2017 (it’s the 15th edition) we look at the unique rise of trading bourbon for bitcoin weighing out the pros and cons, a look back into how the bourbon community has changed for the worse in 2017 and we cap it off talking about our favorite Bourbon and Rye releases of the year.

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Show Notes:

  • In recent news, we’ve talked about different ways of trading for bourbon. I’ve traded landscape work. I know Ryan has traded his services for boxes of Jefferson’s before. But the new trend is bitcoin. So before we get into the pros and cons of doing a bourbon trade with bitcoin, who has taken the leap and bought some?
  • It’s really hard these days to find a good forum that doesn’t start lashing out or people that post their life’s collection of pappy that create a whirlwind of comments. At one point Bourbon Info Exchange and Bourbonr were good places you could go for just normal discussion. But lately, it’s become a game of who can make the poster feel like a douche. I’m honestly a bit appalled by it all. It has ruined the sense of community. there was once a time when you could try and become educated but everyone is quick to jump on ridiculing people now. It’s certainly not a friendly community any longer.
  • Ok.. the time has finally come. Our Bourbon of the year choices. lets have a discussion about this because I know not everyone has tasted everything.
  • Surprise Barrel for our fans!!!
122 – Entrapment, Jefferson’s Presidential, and Christmas gifts on Bourbon Community Roundtable #14

There’s been some sneaky releases lately from Diageo and Jefferson’s so we tackle those. If you’re short on Christmas gift ideas, we talk about some of those things you can give the bourbon lover in your life.

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  • In recent news, the folks at Diageo slid in a brand new Orphan Barrel release called Entrapment 25 year Canadian Whiskey. Anyone have thoughts on it yet?
  • Jefferson’s also released their 16year Presidential Selection. I heard about this release almost a year ago and completely forgot about it. But this is a unique one because it’s not like any other Presidential release. this one has some of the Jefferson’s flair where its been double barreled and they call it Twin Wood. Twin Wood got its name after Master Distiller Trey Zoeller chose an 11-year Bourbon to be re-barreled in freshly charred oak for another 5 years. Around 10,000 bottles are available today in markets across the country at an MSRP of $199.
  • The bloggers on the roundtable did their sleuthing and found out that PVW15’s red foil this year was a bottling line mistake. Blake had a special name for it.
  • The holidays mean one thing, as “the bourbon connoisseur” of your family, your obligated to bring a few bottles over to share with family. What are those bottles?
  • Christmas season is quickly approaching. Each person gets to discuss what they believe are the top gifts. This could be from a specific bottle, to ice molds, to clothing.
  • Be on the lookout for a special Black Friday deal on the Bourbon Pursuit facebook page as well!
118 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #13

Recent whiskey news has really been depressing. There hasn’t been much good that’s come of it so the roundtable spends an hour and complains. We hit on everything from the sadness that is EH Taylor Four Grain being named Whiskey of the Year to the depressing news of no more Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Read more sorrowing news we talk about in the show notes below

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  • Whiskey Of The Year according to Jim Murray is the EH Taylor Four Grain
  • Did anyone actually like it?
  • Is this a ploy to sell more books?
  • How is this going to effect next year’s release?
  • There is a new Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection
  • Kerry isn’t a fan but Eric does like it. They disucuss
  • David J Montgomery from Professor Cocktail is a moron. He tried selling his BTAC samples on the Secondary Market. Will Buffalo Trace change their sample distribution process now?
  • Do relationships matter when you live in a control state?
  • There will be no Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Kerry explains.
  • What are UofL fans going to do now with their Pitino and Jurich Maker’s bottles?

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114 – BCR #12 Blind Tasting

The bourbon community roundtable does a blind tasting with samples sent in by a fan of the show. The best bourbon bloggers out there are put to the test to see if they can figure out where it came from. You won’t believe what happens. Show notes below…

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  • We’ve got a full house tonight with Blake from, Nick from BreakingBourbon, Kerry of, Brian of SippnCorn, and Michael with @flightofbourbon as our special guest
  • Blake talks about tasting blind all the time
  • What do you do about wanting to sample limited releases, but you may not get the opportunity if you only have that 1 shot to buy the bottle?
  • Throughout the show we try samples A, B, C, and D.
110 – BCR #11 Eclipse Curses, Old Forester Birthday, and Store Picks

The roundtable is back with a new panel member. Some of us got cursed by making fun of the eclipse while others are being cursed by the Old Forester vapor gods by stealing some extra alcohol for OFBB 2017. Show notes below…

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  • Thanks to Maxwell Christy of SuperflyBourbonClub, Blake from, Jordan from BreakingBourbon, and a brief appearance from Kerry of
  • Who watched the eclipse today? Anyone else underwhelmed?
  • OFBB is releasing their 2017 Birthday Bourbon
  • How about Old Forester Statesman? Has anyone tried it yet?
  • Why is it people are ok with higher prices on private label bourbons however it’s not like that in any other industry?
  • Quinn English asks “I’d like to hear more about distribution and alternatives for the three tier system”
  • Vlad Belchinsky asks “I would like to see a discussion about ‘store picks”, are they really and why does someone’s opinion of 1 barrel drive the price up over a standard release?”
  • Adam Kessell asks “Another topic is what you drink when you don’t drink bourbon. And it’s connection to bourbon. Or bourbon barrel aged tequila/rum, etc.”
106 – BCR #10 – Age Statement Removals, Buying Regrets, and Pre-Sourced NDP

#BCR is back again with more questions than ever coming from our viewers. We talk about Sazerac’s devious marketing tactic with age statement removal, the regrets of past purchases, will we see a buying increase of pre-sourced NDP after their stills are running, and how our buying habits have changed

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  • So Who’s shipped their samples from the last roundtable?
  • The picture BCR made famous. Old Charter 8 vs 8yr. Was there a case to be made?
  • Lucas asks: With the bourbon boom in full effect, many of the large NDPs have really focused over the last few years on getting their own stills set up. Many of these brands have loyal followings from people that know what an NDP is . As these brands start to bottle their own juice, will we see a shift along the same lines as the hunt for stitzel weller juice or old heaven hill stock. Brands like Bulleit, Michters, Angels envy, and Luxco have plenty of money to pay chemists and tasters to keep flavor as close as possible but bourbon nerds are notorious for wanting what they no longer can get. What are your thoughts on the possibility of a subculture being created for people that really want Four Roses Bulleit or Heaven Hill Ezra brooks instead of what these companies are actually producing on their own? Will brands suffer as they change sources? Will we not notice it at all because the blending process is so key to major bourbon labels? Will consumers notice at all?
  • Eric, who has yet to make an appearance from Breaking Bourbon, posted an article about changing our buying habits. Have you all slowed down? Amped up? Do you have more bourbon than you can drink in your lifetime?
  • Rick Noland asks: You guys talk about FOMO. I also occasionally have FOBR (Fear of Buyer’s Remorse). How about an open discussion for the next Roundtable for the bottle(s) everyone regrets buying?
101 – BCR9 Counterfeits in the Secondary Markets


The Bourbon Community Roundtable #9 talks about the recent news of one man who has defrauded the secondary bourbon market with counterfeit bourbon. We wrap up the show talking about the Weller 12 craze.

097 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #8 Derby Special

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #8 is back for a Derby special to talk about their lack of desire for ORVW25, a surprise twist with Bulleit Bourbon, and results from San Francisco

090 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #7 – Our Beginnings and Newbie Tips

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #7 talks about their beginnings with bourbon. Where did it all start, the intimidating scenarios, tips for beginners, and even tips for veterans.

086 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #6

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #6 discusses Beam sales tactics with OGD114 news, Buffalo Trace OFC conspiracy theories, and is there a bias towards NDP/MGP when buying off the shelf.

082 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #5

The Bourbon Community Roundtable #5 dicusses the theories behind Old Scout, 2017 Predictions and Easily Obtainable Barrel Proof Choices.

078 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #4 – 2016 in Review

This one is going to be a heater in December! Join Bourbon Pursuit along with bloggers from Bourbonr, Subrourbia, and Sipp’n Corn to talk about these following questions and a 2016 Year in Review:

075 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #3

Bourbon Community Roundtable #3 – we discuss best bottles for the dollar, holiday sharing, hunting stories, and Kerry’s #pappyslap

070 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #2

Bourbon Community Roundtable #2 – we discuss bourbon regrets, thoughts on bottle signings, what brand markets best, and weller special reserve.

065 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #1

Bourbon Community Roundtable #1: Our guests include Blake from, Nick from and Kerry from

051 – Whiskey Wash Roundtable with Maggie Kimberl, Nino Marchetti, and Michael Veach

A Whiskey Wash Roundtable. Maggie Kimberl, Nino Marchetti, and Michael Veach join as we discuss Maker’s 46, Pappy & Co Cigars, history of Buffalo Trace, Castle & Key, and the failed crowd funding campaign by Jim Rutledge.