007 – Maggie Kimberl, Louisville.com

Maggie Kimberl (@LouGirl502), author of everything bourbon for Louisville.com, joins the duo to talk about bourbon in the news and media.

  1. What was your first bourbon memory?
  2. How do you perceive Master Distillers spending their time in liquor stores?
  3. Talk about your job for writing about bourbon industry news and culture for Louisville.com
  4. Has your following grown over the past year?
  5. Favorite barrel proof bourbons & Bottled-in-bond
  6. Talk about Bottled-in-bond
  7. Uncle Jemima’s Pure Mash Liquor
  8. What are your tips for traveling to bourbon country?
  9. Any bourbon bars you can suggest?
  10. Talk about being a woman in the whiskey world

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