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Bourbon Pursuit does over 30 private whiskey barrel selections every year from major and craft distilleries


Get in on the action and be a part of a barrel selection team with Bourbon Pursuit and others in the community


Club members get first crack at new online releases from Pursuit Spirits, the brand behind the creators of Bourbon Pursuit


*$250/month gets an automatic spot on any barrel selection of your choice after the 6th month (or 1 Year paid in full) once per calendar year.

Gift cards are valued at $100 each to be redeemed at towards the purchase of any Pursuit Spirits bottles!


It’s all about allocation, allocation, allocation. The ability to get barrels from major distilleries such as Four Roses, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Brown Forman, Willett, Buffalo Trace, etc is based on volume and allocation. Allocation works as follows. The distillery determines the amount of barrels that go to states and the distributors in those states. The distributor determines the amount given to retail accounts. We have first right of refusal to single barrels from our primary retailer. We aim to select over 30 barrels per year from various distilleries. This is not including the 15 or so Pursuit Series releases per year.

You can check out our Public Barrel List. Only Members can see all the information, but if a row is in green, then that means it’s out of stock and over. If you are already a member, go to the Members Only FAQ to see every column.

Barrel selection spots are for Tiers 1 and 2. We reserve spots for Tier 1 and the remaining spots will go to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 individuals. The amount of spots is based on the distillery. Sometimes we can have 10 total people, sometimes it’s 4. When a barrel is announced, there will be link sent via post/email notification for Tier 1 and Tier 2 members to sign up. Then a randomizer determines everyone’s fate. If you are supporting the show at $250/month and after your 6th month (or 1 Year paid in full) you get an automatic spot on any barrel selection of your choice. Just make sure to let us know which one you want (once per calendar year)

We typically like to get the “full experience”. This means selecting a barrel at the distillery with Kenny and Ryan. So if we are going to be at a Kentucky distillery, get ready to book a flight or plan a road trip to join the barrel selection. Usually these last anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the distillery. Sometimes, we choose barrels from distilleries that are not in Kentucky. In those cases, Patreon members that are local (or want to travel) will select a barrel on behalf of the community. We are also doing virtual barrel selections to give folks an opportunity to select a barrel without traveling over video conferences.

We like to spread the love as much as possible. We limit everyone to 1 barrel selection per calendar year. This includes both virtual and in-person. The clock restarts on Jan 1 of the next calendar year. We keep a running spreadsheet of attendees to make sure people do not put their name in twice when signing up for a barrel selection. 

When you join, you join a certain Tier. See the table above for tier level rewards. Everything happens through email. So it’s imperative that you are getting emails and marking them as important, not spam, not promotional, etc. When a barrel selection is ready there will be a new email alerting everyone. Within that post will be 1) a link to information about the barrel and 2) the day and time for each tier.  For instance, Tier 1 is Monday @ 12:00pm ET, Tier 2 is Wednesday @ 12:00pm ET, Tier 3 on Friday @ 12:00pm ET. An automated email is created that only your tier has access to and email is sent at those exact times.

We work with our retail partners to list at SRP or as close as we can. We want to make everything as fair as possible. The same goes for Pursuit Series. We are only in the spot to have a private label because of you all.

We have worked diligently with our retail partners to make sure we can get your items delivered to you, a business, or a verified pick up location.

Shipping starts at $20. For certain retailers, it starts at $15. If you feel that is high, please take into account 1) overhead of running a staff to pack boxes, 2) using quality packing materials to make sure packages arrive safely, and 3) they are not reusing old Amazon boxes. All of this comes at a cost. And, it’s quite convenient to have it show up at your door step. 

So far this hasn’t been a problem. If the amount of availability in a barrel exceeds the amount of people in Tier 1, then everyone is guaranteed a one if they wish. 

It’s about the type of barrel and the yield. We will limit 1 per person for very highly desired barrels such as Willett, Four Roses, and Buffalo Trace products. We want to spread it to as many people as possible. However, Tier 2 has the most people and many do not make it past this tier.

It sure does! Any time we have a highly desirable release (wait, aren’t they all desirable? 😉), the community gets first access. The same distribution process takes place. 

At the $100 and $250 levels of support, we offer gift cards to that can be used towards the purchase of any Pursuit Spirits bottles!