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132 – Kentucky’s Bourbon Boom: Economics Panel at the University of Louisville

What happens when you get Bill Samuels, Mike VeachReid Mitenbuler, and Susan Reigler in front of an economics class? You talk about the growth of bourbon, the economic impact of it, and how to get jumpstarted into a career. Thanks to the John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise at the College of Business, University of Louisville for hosting and allowing us to record. This event is just one of a series of events on the bourbon industry in the college this semester . The bourbon theme included an economics reading group which read and met to discuss Reid’s book. They also took field trips to Buffalo Trace and Peerless distilling. In addition, the economics senior capstone class is focused on the economic history and importance of the industry. Students in the class are writing a variety of research papers on the bourbon industry for their senior projects.

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Show Notes:

  • We will first attempt to wrap our heads around the size of the boom
  • What consumer and federal or state-level regulatory trends might be facilitating the recent resurgence.
  • We will be considering the economic impact on KY, including investment, job creation, tourism, and exports. I’ll have the panelists dwell on the recent investment announcements by BBC, Lux Row, Stoli, and Heaven Hill plus the revival of whiskey row (Old Forester, Michter’s, and, by extension, Peerless, Angel’s Envy, Rabbit Hole, and so on).
  • What about the marketing strategy of old brands and distilleries being brought back from the dead (Peerless, Kentucky Owl, and Old Taylor/Castle & Key).
  • Given it is fall release season, discuss the surging popularity of the boutique brands from the big distillers and the associated retail price increases, shortages, production timelines, and the “ethics” of the secondary market.
  • What is your opinion on the future? Can the boom last and what opportunities are out there for UofL students interested in the industry?


117 – The Past, Present, and Future of Bourbon with Chuck Cowdery

Is the madness ever going to end? Are those unicorn bottles going to continue to climb in price for the future? How did we end up here? Past guest Chuck Cowdery, a bourbon authority, enlightens us to how the history of bourbon being an unwanted commodity created stocks of well aged whiskey that led us to the market we see today.

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  • Lets talk about the past and the bourbon, crisis, was it an overall understanding that bourbon might be extinct?
  • At what point did you come in to see some of this first hand?
  • How did advertising work for bourbon? How did you get it into the hands of elders?
  • How did no one see this coming? Like literally no one.
  • You talk about the resurgence of bourbon was partly because of the lack of drinkers because it led to the unintentional benefit of very well-aged whiskey
  • What were distillers doing with this better aged whiskey?
  • Do you think exports are the biggest benefactor?
  • What were bourbon brands doing at the time to appeal to the Japanese and European markets?
  • So people are buying whiskey again, how are distillers ramping up production?
  • Was there a surge of more NDPs and independent bottlers buying sourced whiskey?
  • Why do you call this a “not so attractive” trend?
  • At what point did we start seeing the “shortage”? or is there really a shortage?
  • Have NDPs died off because they can’t source or contract distill now?
  • Will craft distillers put a dent in the market or are they just looking for their piece of the pie?
  • Do you think any of these companies will be “under water” on their investments when the bourbon matures for sales in 4-12 years? Especially when they have to compete with the big boys as they are expanding.
  • Do you think we are going to see people drop off because we don’t have a lot of well-aged whiskey now? We have distillers and craft distillers removing age statements. How will that effect the future?
  • What’s the key to making this trend last?
113 – Rum Pursuit with Fred Minnick

Fred Minnick, multi-appearance guest on the show and author of the new book Rum Curious, educates us bourbon drinkers on why rum isn’t so bad and how the rum industry needs the passion of the bourbon community.

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  • Back in February you had a article named “For Rum’s Sake”, an open letter to bourbon drinkers. Was it a plea?
  • Why rum? There’s lots of other spirits
  • Name a few brands that are accessible in parts of the US that are trustworthy.
  • So what’s wrong with Captain Morgan and those typical ones we all think of?
  • We know bourbon has 3 main ingredients, but what are some of the main ones going into rum?
  • We also have corn whiskey, rye whiskey, etc, any variants?
  • So people want to learn more about rum, besides your book, where are the rum fanatics?
  • Talk about the laws and labels for rum producers
  • What do you think about those companies that say they can create an aged rum in less than 7 days using technology?
  • Thanks to Emmet Klocker that sent us some samples from Lemon Hart, Havana Club, and 1931/
099 – Fred Minnick, Bourbon Author, Pundit and Expert


Fred Minnick, Bourbon Author, Pundit, and Expert, joins us to discuss the San Francisco Spirits Competition, asking if bourbon is just a gimmick when it comes to experimentation, how the new vintage spirits law will effect Louisville, and if pricing has gone out of whack!

094 – Bourbon Truth, the infamous blogger and twitter persona who tells it like it is

Bourbon Truth, the infamous blogger and twitter persona known as Lloyd Christmas, gives a Bourbon Pursuit exclusive where no one is safe. He tells it like it is and let’s you know not everything smells like roses.

085 – James Markert, author of The Angel’s Share

James Markert, author of The Angel’s Share, joins the show to share information about the first fictional novel based on bourbon that takes place in Twisted Tree, Kentucky on an old family distillery that was abandoned after prohibition.

080 – Chuck Cowdery, Bourbon Author and Pundit, talks Beam Backpedaling and Sazerac Money

Chuck Cowdery, Bourbon Author and media pundit, joins to talk about Jim Beam backpedaling it’s way out of Booker’s price increase and the unique purchases Sazerac is making to expand their footprint.

071 – Chris Trevino, Liquor Hound

Chris Trevino, the YouTube sensation known as Liquor Hound, talks about the intricacies of reviewing whiskey ranging from the type of glass to even the water used to dilute it.

069 – Fred Minnick, author of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey

Fred Minnick, acclaimed bourbon author who also happens to have the Amazon #1 Best Selling book in the Whiskey Category Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey, shares his history before bourbon, dive into chapters of bourbon history, and get his opinion on barrel finishes if it’s still a bourbon and age statement removals

054 – Susan Reigler, Bourbon Authority – Pairing Food and Bourbon Cocktails

Susan Reigler, Executive Bourbon Steward and author of multiple bourbon books, talks about her past as a food critic and shares how to pair food with bourbon and explains what it means to be an Executive Bourbon Steward.

053 – Chef Edward Lee, Cooking with Bourbon

Chef Edward Lee, 4-time James Beard nominee, TV Show host, owner of 610 Magnolia and Milkwood, dives into culinary arts and cooking with bourbon while sharing his philosophy on bourbon with dinner that led to the creation of Jefferson’s Chef Collaboration.

052 – Kerry Bossak, – Annoying Trends in Bourbon

Kerry Bossak (@bourbon_gamer), author of, talks about how bourbon helps him lose weight and goes over his top 10 list of the most annoying trends in the bourbon world.

051 – Whiskey Wash Roundtable with Maggie Kimberl, Nino Marchetti, and Michael Veach

A Whiskey Wash Roundtable. Maggie Kimberl, Nino Marchetti, and Michael Veach join as we discuss Maker’s 46, Pappy & Co Cigars, history of Buffalo Trace, Castle & Key, and the failed crowd funding campaign by Jim Rutledge.

049 – Jordan, Eric and Nick, authors of

Jordan, Eric and Nick, authors behind, talk about how bourbon fill levels change flavor profiles and we look at the new releases to come in 2016.

031 – Reid Mitenbuler, author of Bourbon Empire

Reid Mitenbuler (@ReidMitenbuler), author of Bourbon Empire, joins Ryan and Kenny to talk about the history and psyche of bourbon, “a distinctive product of the United States”. (more…)

032 – Erik of @BourbonSeason, Bottle Chase and Secondary Markets

Erik of @BourbonSeason joins the show to talk about the infamous bottle chase and the growing secondary market. (more…)

025 – Nino Marchetti, Founder of

Nino Marchetti (@WhiskeyWash), Founder at, joins us today to announce a new partnership between us. We talk about his news outlet, the authors, products, and most importantly, his bunker! (more…)

020 – Brian Haara, Author of Sipp’n Corn blog

Brian Haara (@SippnCorn), Attorney and blogger at Sipp’n Corn, joins the podcast to talk about the history of the bourbon industry through the lens of lawsuits. Listen to find out how Colonel Taylor loved getting himself into trouble as well as the real story behind Ezra Brooks. (more…)

007 – Maggie Kimberl,

Maggie Kimberl (@LouGirl502), author of everything bourbon for, joins the duo to talk about bourbon in the news and media.

005 – Blake Riber, author of blog

Blake Riber, author of, talks about the popularity of his blog, his ideas and the release of a brand new app!

003 – Al Young, Brand Ambassador of Four Roses

Al Young, Brand Ambassador of Four Roses, talks about the rich history of the brand and his story