110 – BCR #11 Eclipse Curses, Old Forester Birthday, and Store Picks

The roundtable is back with a new panel member. Some of us got cursed by making fun of the eclipse while others are being cursed by the Old Forester vapor gods by stealing some extra alcohol for OFBB 2017. Show notes below…

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  • Thanks to Maxwell Christy of SuperflyBourbonClub, Blake from bourbonr.com, Jordan from BreakingBourbon, and a brief appearance from Kerry of subourbia.com
  • Who watched the eclipse today? Anyone else underwhelmed?
  • OFBB is releasing their 2017 Birthday Bourbon
  • How about Old Forester Statesman? Has anyone tried it yet?
  • Why is it people are ok with higher prices on private label bourbons however it’s not like that in any other industry?
  • Quinn English asks “I’d like to hear more about distribution and alternatives for the three tier system”
  • Vlad Belchinsky asks “I would like to see a discussion about ‘store picks”, are they really and why does someone’s opinion of 1 barrel drive the price up over a standard release?”
  • Adam Kessell asks “Another topic is what you drink when you don’t drink bourbon. And it’s connection to bourbon. Or bourbon barrel aged tequila/rum, etc.”

One thought on “110 – BCR #11 Eclipse Curses, Old Forester Birthday, and Store Picks

  1. I saw the total eclipse. Totally spectacular and awesome. Very very cool event! ‘Nough said. BTW, I enjoy and appreciate Bourbonr articles and bourbon pointers and reviews. Very helpful. Thank.

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