100 – Charlie Downs, Artisanal Distillery Manager at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Charlie Downs, Artisanal Distillery Manager at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience (a part of Heaven Hill Brands) talks about the operations, his mentorship with Parker Beam, and the recollection of events that took place at the Heaven Hill fire of 1996.

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Show Notes
– Before we dive into it, people have to know about you. As most people may know, my wife works at HH and I was at the company Christmas party this year where you were honored by spending your 40th year at HH.
– What has this business taught you?
– talk about how you carved your path in HH and who was your mentor and who gave you those lucky breaks?
– Do you have a favorite memory with Parker?
– Lots of people like to just call this a tourist center, but this is actually a functioning distillery as well
– Is it just Evan Williams or a different mash bill are you distilling?
– How many barrels a day?
– And you’re about to hit that 4 year mark, what’s the plans for the first few barrels?
– Talk about the fire of 1996 and where were you
– Other than amount, what the difference between you here and Denny over at the Bernheim plant
– do you often feel like a hamster in a cage?

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