099 – Fred Minnick, Bourbon Author, Pundit and Expert


Fred Minnick, Bourbon Author, Pundit, and Expert, joins us to discuss the San Francisco Spirits Competition, asking if bourbon is just a gimmick when it comes to experimentation, how the new vintage spirits law will effect Louisville, and if pricing has gone out of whack!

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Show Notes:

  1. So what’s new since the last time we chatted?
  2. What are you doing for the Bourbon and Beyond Festival?
  3. I hear there is a Bourbon Cruise?
  4. You’re also going to be at Forecastle
  5. Let’s talk about the new Dusty law
  6. So lets talk about San Francisco. Lets talk about the upsets.
  7. Who doesn’t get a golden medal or a star?
  8. Is bourbon turning into a gimmick for releases?
  9. Can we stop it with the experimentation? At what point does it go to far?
  10. Pricing is out of whack. How do we as consumers fix this?

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