095 – Beth Burrows, Ambassador for Beam Suntory, Jim Beam History and Expressions

Beth Burrows, Kentucky Bourbon Ambassador for Beam Suntory, gives us all the history behind Jim Beam and the different expressions. We even get the chance to learn how Baker’s Bourbon got its name.

  1. Tell us about your history with bourbon
  2. Do you miss bartending?
  3. What has the passing of Senate Bill 11, allowing producers to serve cocktails and more whiskey going to do for Jim Beam?
  4. Jim Beam is really pioneering and doing all flavored whiskey like the Apple and Honey, Black Cherry, Fire, Maple. Thoughts?
  5. Who’s your target market with these?
  6. Then you’ve got Jim Beam white label, black, double oak, devils’ cut, rye, bonded, single barrel,
  7. Tell us about the Jim Beam distiller’s masterpiece
  8. Names behind Knob Creek, Baker, Basil Hayden, OGD, Old Crow, Booker’s

More cocktail fun with Beth Burrows of @jimbeamofficial

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