068 – Tom Herbruck, Master Brewer and Distiller of Tom’s Foolery

Tom Herbruck, Master Brewer and Distiller of Tom’s Foolery, and his wife Lianne, Rack House Manager, share their beginnings when Tom ran a still at the age of 15 and turning his hobby into a business that is producing the first bonded bourbon outside of Kentucky in over 50 years.

  1. Shout out to Ryan Lintz and Edwin Vargas. Both of these guys came to me and said “you’ve got to hear this story”. So thanks to these listener requests, we are making this happen.
  2. Talk about how the distillery began.
  3. What mistakes did you make early on that you’ve perfected
  4. How many different still do you have and do you do different spirits on each?
  5. Any wheated bourbon?
  6. Any interesting barrel finishes?
  7. Update on the new gift shop/distillery?
  8. Brian Harkless from twitter asks: i’ve seen two different colors of wax for BiB. he has white. i have a cool copper color. any differences?
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And next up for harvest is some tasty Bonded Applejack!! @lincolnroadpackagestore @klwines

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