063 – Trey Zoeller, Founder and Master Blender of Jefferson’s Bourbon

Trey Zoeller, Founder and Master Blender of Jefferson’s Bourbon, shares his story with some new information about a new Presidential special release.

  1. Your family history is going to play a large part in this, talk about how you got into bourbon.
  2. Quickly talk about your dad for a bit
  3. How did you start the Jefferson’s Brand
  4. For our listeners out there just now getting into bourbon, give us your pitch of Jeffersons.
  5. Give some history on why it’s called Jefferson’s Bourbon and not Zoeller’s reserve
  6. You’ve been a non-distilling producer since 1997 up until last year. Talk about the current operations
  7. The Jefferson’s Presidential line hasn’t been seen on the shelves around the country in a few years. Any chance of those higher aged bourbons making a return?
  8. We also haven’t seen any of the Jefferson’s Rye
  9. You’ve been doing quite a bit of experimenting lately. The Jefferson’s Wood Experiment, Chef Collaboration, the Groth Cask finish, the Oceans. are there any other’s I’m missing? Anything on the horizon?
  10. There is actually a pretty great story behind the Oceans and I think the listeners would get a kick out of it. So talk about that
  11. Ocean’s Cask strength is making its way out there. We’ve seen many start going that route and offering barrel strength expressions
  12. Follow along with Jefferson’s Journey
  13. What’s the life of Trey like outside of bourbon?

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