054 – Susan Reigler, Bourbon Authority – Pairing Food and Bourbon Cocktails

Susan Reigler, Executive Bourbon Steward and author of multiple bourbon books, talks about her past as a food critic and shares how to pair food with bourbon and explains what it means to be an Executive Bourbon Steward.

  1. Your bourbon resume is impressive. Where did this all begin? It must have taken some sort of inspiration.
  2. How would you categorize yourself? We have bourbon historians. Do you consider yourself to be a bourbon enthusiast?
  3. I want to talk about food for a little bit because you must have a very refined palate. When was the last time you ate at a Red Lobster?
  4. Do you think food and bourbon pair well together because I sometimes find that i don’t get to experience the full flavor of a bourbon when i’m trying to eat my pepperoni stuffed hot pocket.
    What dishes do you find are best paired with a bourbon?
  5. Any particular bourbon that works better than others?
  6. First off, give the listeners a quick explanation of what the James Beard Awards are and
    what’s is like being a judge.
  7. Give us the top 5 restaurants that you need to eat at while you’re here exploring the trail
  8. What’s it mean to be an executive bourbon steward?
  9. We’ve been told that women have a better palate than men. I hear you have scientific evidence that it’s true.
  10. See all of Susan’s books on Amazon.com

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