051 – Whiskey Wash Roundtable with Maggie Kimberl, Nino Marchetti, and Michael Veach

A Whiskey Wash Roundtable. Maggie Kimberl, Nino Marchetti, and Michael Veach join as we discuss Maker’s 46, Pappy & Co Cigars, history of Buffalo Trace, Castle & Key, and the failed crowd funding campaign by Jim Rutledge.

  1. Wrapped up dinner at Down One Bourbon Bar and in the Speak Easy Room.
  2. Down One has a private Maker’s 46 selection and Micheal talks about a good food pairing
  3. Talk about the Maker’s 46 Barrel Selection
  4. Maggie, you had a chance to be a part of Pappy & Co’s Pappy Cigar Line. Talk about it.
  5. How long will it be till you see counterfeit Pappy cigars?
  6. Nino, you saw something interesting at a liquor store in Frankfort, talk about it.
  7. Michael, talk a little bit about the Buffalo Trace Distillery history
  8. Nino, you’ve been here for 3 days now, what is the coolest thing you’ve seen so far?
  9. What makes you excited for Castle & Key?
  10. I want to get your opinions on the failed Rutledge crowd funding campaign.

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