042 – Matt Gandolfo, Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey

Matt Gandolfo, Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey, talks history of the brand, non-GMO grains, each of the expressions and the new “Decades” release set for May 2016.

  1. We kick off the show talking about one of our past guests, Marianne Barnes, and the new name for the Old Taylor Distillery.
  2. Tell us about your first encounter with bourbon
  3. Tell us about your role and what it consists of
  4. Why is Wild Turkey 101 and not 100?
  5. How did it grow to a business from 101?
  6. What did the name Austin Nichols mean to Wild Turkey?
  7. So why remove the name Austin Nichols from the brand?
  8. What are some of things during the process makes Wild Turkey unique compared to other brands?
  9. What does Non-GMO products give you in regards to quality?
  10. What’s it like hanging around Jimmy Russell?
  11. Talk about the individual expressions and the differences between each.
  12. Talk about the new release called “Decades” that will be coming in May 2016
  13. Is there something that holds true to the quote “Older turkey is better turkey”?
  14. If you have to have one Wild Turkey product on the shelf as a staple, which do you choose?

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