028 – Matt Jamie, Founder and Owner of Bourbon Barrel Foods

Matt Jamie, Founder and Owner of Bourbon Barrel Foods, talks about how he started a company with Bluegrass Soy Sauce into a brand that does everything to promote “Eat Your Bourbon”.

  1. We’ve taken a hiatus and we apologize. Sometimes life just gets in the way… and bourbon hunting. lots and lots of bourbon hunting.
  2. What’s your bourbon story? I know you are a Louisville native, has bourbon always been in your blood like ours?
  3. Tell us the story of Bourbon Barrel Foods and how it got created.
  4. Talk about some of the products and what makes them special
  5. I notice that you also have a lot of products from Woodford Reserve. Can you talk about their products or the partnership you have with them?
  6. Talk a bit about Kentuckiaki and Bourbon Vanilla Extract
  7. I was also reading about a sponsorship you received in 2013 to help build a Kitchen Studio. Can you talk about that?
  8. Do you have any of your favorite recipes?
  9. If people in louisville and traveling for the bourbon trail want to find a retail store, where do they go?
  10. What entails the Eat Your Bourbon Class and the Chef Series?
  11. If you want to learn more, you can visit the online at bourbonbarrelfoods.com or follow them on twitter @bourbonbarrel

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