027 – Dixon Dedman, Partner in Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Dixon Dedman, Owner Operator of Beaumont Inn & Partner in Kentucky Owl, joins us to talk about his family history and how they revitalized a brand that died during prohibition.

  1. Fantasy teams are now using high valued bourbons as entrance fees
  2. Lets talk about you. Who are you and what have you been doing up to this point?
  3. Lets talk about your bourbon. What got you into dealing with the brand?
  4. Why the tag name “The Wise Man’s Bourbon”?
  5. What made you go with a barrel proof bourbon?
  6. How many barrels went into the particular batches?
  7. So you take the barrels, and you dump them and put them into new charred barrels?
  8. Is there a big difference between Batch 1 and Batch 2? What about Batch 3?
  9. This is a KY only release. Why only KY?
  10. How does it feel to have this craze happening?
  11. Talk about the Old Owl Tavern on your property
  12. Where do you sit on the Bourbon Trail?
  13. For anyone still looking for a pour of KY Owl, can they get it at the tavern?
  14. Adam Johnson asks, What is the secret to the General Lee cake?
  15. How can people get in touch with you?

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