025 – Nino Marchetti, Founder of TheWhiskeyWash.com

Nino Marchetti (@WhiskeyWash), Founder at TheWhiskeyWash.com, joins us today to announce a new partnership between us. We talk about his news outlet, the authors, products, and most importantly, his bunker!

  1. Starting the show off by drinking Kentucky Owl Batch #2. Add it to the collection if you have the money to spare
  2. Talk to us about the TheWhiskeyWash.com
  3. We’re proud to announce a partnership between our two brands
  4. Nino has an offsite, undisclosed location, for his bunker
  5. Talk about the authors on the site
  6. Talk about some of the most popular articles
  7. One of the most popular articles is about the $75,000 Whiskey
  8. In regards to reviewers, what walks of life do they come from so we trust them?
  9. There are lots of reviews on food pairings
  10. Your apartment is on fire, what’s the one bottle you grab?

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