019 – David Mandell, CEO of Bardstown Bourbon Company

David Mandell, CEO of the Bardstown Bourbon Company, talks about the beginning of one of the newest and largest distilleries to ever hit Bardstown, KY. We talk about the present and future of this up and coming distillery.

  1. David tell us about your background
  2. Tell us about the spirits you will be distilling
  3. Give us your bourbon story. What led you into the spirits business?
  4. Talk a little bit about the operation you are currently building
  5. What edge does this give you compared to Heaven Hill, Four Roses for outsourcing bourbon?
  6. What are you going to do with 37,000 square feet of space?
  7. We’re the first to break the news about Harrison-Smith House being a staple at the new distillery.
  8. What else can you fit inside this massive space?
  9. What’s the timeline to get the stills running?
  10. To be called a bourbon it needs to be aged for two years. So what’s your two year plan to fill the gap?
  11. What are the long term plans with that facility?
  12. What was the solidifying fact by choosing Bardstown as the home for this new distillery?
  13. What are the biggest hurdles you see as the biggest blockers for trying to get into the spirits industry?
  14. Tell us about Steve Nally and what he brings to possible micro-distillers wanting to expand their product lines
  15. Where are you exactly in Bardstown?
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