018 – Marianne Barnes, Master Distiller of former Old Taylor Distillery

Marianne Barnes, Master Distiller at The Distillery Formally Known as Old Taylor, discusses her new role, what everyone can expect coming from this revitalization, and insights into what it takes to be a master distiller.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your past
  2. How does chemical engineering play into this role?
  3. Talk to us about why we have you on the show
  4. Are you going to keep the name Old Taylor name or will it be renamed?
  5. What’s being invested into restoring the distillery?
  6. Where is the distillery in relation to the bourbon trail?
  7. Where do you see this business in the next 5 years?
  8. How do you measure success?
  9. What can you do differently versus Brown-Forman?
  10. What does it mean to be a woman in this male dominated field?
  11. Talk to us a little bit about what made you so successful and why you were chosen for this role
  12. What is going to set your bourbon apart from everything else on the market?
  13. When is the distillery going to be up and running?
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