132 – Kentucky’s Bourbon Boom: Economics Panel at the University of Louisville

What happens when you get Bill Samuels, Mike VeachReid Mitenbuler, and Susan Reigler in front of an economics class? You talk about the growth of bourbon, the economic impact of it, and how to get jumpstarted into a career. Thanks to the John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise at the College of Business, University of Louisville for hosting and allowing us to record. This event is just one of a series of events on the bourbon industry in the college this semester . The bourbon theme included an economics reading group which read and met to discuss Reid’s book. They also took field trips to Buffalo Trace and Peerless distilling. In addition, the economics senior capstone class is focused on the economic history and importance of the industry. Students in the class are writing a variety of research papers on the bourbon industry for their senior projects.

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Show Notes:

  • We will first attempt to wrap our heads around the size of the boom
  • What consumer and federal or state-level regulatory trends might be facilitating the recent resurgence.
  • We will be considering the economic impact on KY, including investment, job creation, tourism, and exports. I’ll have the panelists dwell on the recent investment announcements by BBC, Lux Row, Stoli, and Heaven Hill plus the revival of whiskey row (Old Forester, Michter’s, and, by extension, Peerless, Angel’s Envy, Rabbit Hole, and so on).
  • What about the marketing strategy of old brands and distilleries being brought back from the dead (Peerless, Kentucky Owl, and Old Taylor/Castle & Key).
  • Given it is fall release season, discuss the surging popularity of the boutique brands from the big distillers and the associated retail price increases, shortages, production timelines, and the “ethics” of the secondary market.
  • What is your opinion on the future? Can the boom last and what opportunities are out there for UofL students interested in the industry?


131 – Banning Crotchshots, Vintage Spirits Law, and Favorite Wheated Bourbons on Bourbon Community Roundtable #16

The community did a pretty quick 180 in regards to treating people more fairly in facebook groups. We discuss how banning unopened bottles has settled the drama and also evaluate the definition of the new vintage spirits law that has passed in Kentucky. Taking a speculative look at the success and if it has the potential to go mainstream across the country. Lastly, we wrap it up talking about our favorite wheated bourbons of all time.

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Show Notes

Listen to all the Bourbon Community Roundtables.

130 – Ask a Master Distiller with Shane Baker of Wilderness Trail Distillery

You may remember of Dr. Pat Heist of Ferm-Solutions back on episode 121 talking about the science of yeast. This episode feature his counterpart Shane Baker, Master Distiller of Wilderness Trail Distillery, as he answers all the questions you ever wanted to know from a Master Distiller. These guys are very well known in the bourbon world amongst distillers who know what they are doing. We take a deeper dive into grains and how this distillery has been aging product for almost 4 years and still hasn’t released a bourbon yet.

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Show Notes:

  • Tell us a bit about Wilderness Trail?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do you use the same yeast strain in all your different mash bills?
  • Adam Kessell I’d like the hear about all crop yield, and the agricultural footprint of bourbon/whiskey and what safe guards we take for the long term success of the product.
  • Can you continue to keep it local?
  • How often do you turn away grains?
  • What do you think about the bourbon boom from a craft standpoint. what needs to be done to maintain this momentum?
  • Aged stock vs making money. where’s that balance?
  • What advice to give to other craft distillers?
  • What in your opinion is the biggest factor in distilling/aging? Mash?,distillation temperature?, entry proof?, barrel type or aging location?
  • Chris Scott I want to hear more about sourcing grains. We already heard Jimmy Russell say he must source rye from Europe. That blew my mind.
  • Dustin Charles Herr Discuss year to year variation of crops affect on flavors.
  • Steven Granger Discuss how sourcing grains from different parts of the world makes a difference in the finished product.
129 – Bourbon Trail meets Tobacco Road, Bourbon and Cigar Pairings with Jake’s Cigar Bar

Enjoying a glass of bourbon while smoking a cigar seems like an average Friday night to some people. However, pairing a bourbon and cigar can be more complicated than you think. We sit down with Jake Glancy and Jeremy Kendrick of Jake’s Cigar Bar to get a complete cigar 101 lesson on everything from cuts, types, leaf varieties, and more to understand how the unique flavor of a cigar will compliment different types of bourbon. You will want to rush outside and smoke a cigar after listening to this one!


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Show Notes:

  • Let’s start from the beginning and talk about the types of cuts
  • How do you pick the ring gauge or size of cigars?
  • Talk about the wrappers and what flavors each type release
  • What’s the difference between tobacco in Nicaragua and Honduras versus in Kentucky?
  • Talk about hand-rolled versus machine-rolled.
  • Bourbon drinkers have a progression from mixing to neat, what about cigar smokers?
  • What do you mean by tasting a cigar by “thirds”?
  • It’s moving from cigars and scotch to cigars and bourbon. What’s the initiative?
  • Describe the different shapes of cigars
  • When you’re smoking a cigar do your taste buds or receptors change rather than drinking bourbon alone?
  • What’s the sweet spot for the third in your opinion?
  • I’m going to throw some bourbons at you and you tell me what cigars would pair well.
  • Talk about higher in proof bourbons like Stagg Jr and barrel proof bourbons and the cigars that pair well
  • It seems like Four Roses pairs well with any cigar
  • Talk about barrel aged cigars
  • What about something super light like 80 proof Basil Hayden
  • Rye whiskey is growing in popularity. How does rye whiskey stand up in cigar pairing?
  • How about something that’s super oaky like Elijah Craig 23?
  • How about finished bourbons like Angel’s Envy port finished bourbon?
  • The craft market is booming but what do you pair with something that has a grain forward flavor?
  • Talk about the Van Winkle Cigars. Are they good or are they hype?
  • I see a lot more Barrel aged cigars on the market and I am curious for recommendations and also some info on the technique and how it imparts the flavor from the barrel to the tobacco.
  • Are Cubans really that much better?
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128 – Overnight Bourbon using TerrePURE with Jacob Call of O.Z. Tyler Distillery

It’s a controversial topic amongst bourbon purists. Can you replicate all the effects Mother Nature and Father Time add to the bourbon that rests inside a barrel? Jacob Call, Master Distiller at O.Z. Tyler, comes from a long family lineage of distillers and decided to do take on an industry with Terressentia using TerrePURE technology. Learn about the growth of this startup and small bit about the technology in this episode.


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Show Notes:

  • How did you get involved with bourbon and got you here today?
  • Do you have any good stories with being around Booker and Fred?
  • Tell us a bit about the property here in Owensboro
  • How bad of shape was this Old Medley Distillery when you got here?
  • I was surprised at the size, it seems like you’re pumping out a bunch of product
  • What is creating all this expansion especially when you are so new?
  • Explain the TerrePURE process because you’re expediting the aging
  • So it’s not just marketing BS?
  • Do you worry about bourbon purists not enjoying this when you talk about age statements and the like?
  • If it works so well, why wouldn’t the big boys want to license this?
  • Talk a bit about the O.Z. Tyler Brand
  • Will there be other brands to come out?
  • So it has to be barreled for at least a year to be labeled Kentucky bourbon
  • I was blown away by the taste. It actually tastes like a 4 year old bourbon.
  • Where is Terressentia focused for the future?


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