118 – Bourbon Community Roundtable #13

Recent whiskey news has really been depressing. There hasn’t been much good that’s come of it so the roundtable spends an hour and complains. We hit on everything from the sadness that is EH Taylor Four Grain being named Whiskey of the Year to the depressing news of no more Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Read more sorrowing news we talk about in the show notes below

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  • Whiskey Of The Year according to Jim Murray is the EH Taylor Four Grain
  • Did anyone actually like it?
  • Is this a ploy to sell more books?
  • How is this going to effect next year’s release?
  • There is a new Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection
  • Kerry isn’t a fan but Eric does like it. They disucuss
  • David J Montgomery from Professor Cocktail is a moron. He tried selling his BTAC samples on the Secondary Market. Will Buffalo Trace change their sample distribution process now?
  • Do relationships matter when you live in a control state?
  • There will be no Eagle Rare store picks in 2018. Kerry explains.
  • What are UofL fans going to do now with their Pitino and Jurich Maker’s bottles?

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117 – The Past, Present, and Future of Bourbon with Chuck Cowdery

Is the madness ever going to end? Are those unicorn bottles going to continue to climb in price for the future? How did we end up here? Past guest Chuck Cowdery, a bourbon authority, enlightens us to how the history of bourbon being an unwanted commodity created stocks of well aged whiskey that led us to the market we see today.

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  • Lets talk about the past and the bourbon, crisis, was it an overall understanding that bourbon might be extinct?
  • At what point did you come in to see some of this first hand?
  • How did advertising work for bourbon? How did you get it into the hands of elders?
  • How did no one see this coming? Like literally no one.
  • You talk about the resurgence of bourbon was partly because of the lack of drinkers because it led to the unintentional benefit of very well-aged whiskey
  • What were distillers doing with this better aged whiskey?
  • Do you think exports are the biggest benefactor?
  • What were bourbon brands doing at the time to appeal to the Japanese and European markets?
  • So people are buying whiskey again, how are distillers ramping up production?
  • Was there a surge of more NDPs and independent bottlers buying sourced whiskey?
  • Why do you call this a “not so attractive” trend?
  • At what point did we start seeing the “shortage”? or is there really a shortage?
  • Have NDPs died off because they can’t source or contract distill now?
  • Will craft distillers put a dent in the market or are they just looking for their piece of the pie?
  • Do you think any of these companies will be “under water” on their investments when the bourbon matures for sales in 4-12 years? Especially when they have to compete with the big boys as they are expanding.
  • Do you think we are going to see people drop off because we don’t have a lot of well-aged whiskey now? We have distillers and craft distillers removing age statements. How will that effect the future?
  • What’s the key to making this trend last?
116 – The Visitor Experience at Heaven Hill with Jeff Crowe

Have you ever visited the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown or the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in downtown Louisville? It’s time you meet Jeff Crowe who is the General Manager of Visitor Experiences for Heaven Hill. Jeff takes us through what each locations have to offer and gives some insight into how he can fairly distribute Parker’s Heritage and William Heaven Hill releases

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  • Did you come from a hospitality background or whiskey?
  • Was life a bit less hectic in 2013?
  • How has bourbonism grown since you have been around?
  • Has it put more stress on your job
  • Talk about each theEvan Williams Bourbon Experience EWBE and theBourbon Heritage Center BHC and what you will see in each
  • Heaven Hill is unique that you don’t actually ever get to tour where the majority of the bourbon is made. Is there plans to open up Bernheim for visitors?
  • I’ve always told people that they need to visit EWBE to break up the distillery visits because it’s more like a mix of a museum with video projectors. Most distillery visits get pretty repetitive but this breaks the mold. Do you know whose idea it was to build it this way?
  • Talk about the history of this building because it was owned by the Shapiros at one point too.
  • What is the wildest thing you’ve seen happen at either location? Someone trying to dive into the large glass of Evan Williams at the entrance?
  • You also spend time at the BHC in Bardstown. Even though these locations are only an hour away from each other, is there a different vibe or feeling the visitors get from each?
  • Is there something one offers that the other can’t?
115 – More Bourbon Trivia with Freddie Johnson of Buffalo Trace

Freddie Johnson has a long resume. Previous guest on episode 59, 3rd Generation Employee at Buffalo Trace, and Tour Guide Extraordinaire. He joins to talk about Bourbon Pompeii, who was Thomas H Handy (THH) and other tidbits of random knowledge you only get from Freddie.

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  • What’s been going on since the last time we talked?
  • You haven’t been getting a bigger head by reading all those 5 star TripAdvisor reviews have you?
  • Lets give everyone a little refresher about you and your family history at BT
  • So who’s going to continue the family tradition and be the 4th generation?
  • What are the ABCs of bourbon?
  • What is the origin of “the shot”?
  • Who was Thomas H. Handy?
  • Alright, this Bourbon Pompei, lets talk about it.
  • For some other geeks out there besides whisky geeks, you also took part in a new Buffalo Trace virtual reality tour. talk about that.
114 – BCR #12 Blind Tasting

The bourbon community roundtable does a blind tasting with samples sent in by a fan of the show. The best bourbon bloggers out there are put to the test to see if they can figure out where it came from. You won’t believe what happens. Show notes below…

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  • We’ve got a full house tonight with Blake from, Nick from BreakingBourbon, Kerry of, Brian of SippnCorn, and Michael with @flightofbourbon as our special guest
  • Blake talks about tasting blind all the time
  • What do you do about wanting to sample limited releases, but you may not get the opportunity if you only have that 1 shot to buy the bottle?
  • Throughout the show we try samples A, B, C, and D.


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